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Ecocide in Ukraine

Make the world talk about it

18 cubic kilometres of water rushing downstream

over 5,000 km² affected

more than 300 species endangered

42,000 people at risk from the flooding

In the early hours on Tuesday June 6, the dam of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant in Ukraine was blown up by Russian troops. That water is now rushing downstream, depleting the Dnipro, drowning whole ecosystems, bringing with it hundreds of tons of oil from the destroyed hydroelectric plant, dislodging land mines, washing up human bodies from cemeteries, and more. Ukraine may see another desert appearing in the next few years. This is an ecological catastrophe of unimaginable proportions, the full scale of which will not be possible to fully assess for at least several months.

The silence from most of the world on the Kakhovka explosion is shameful

Help us change that. We are urging prominent environmentalists to make statements about the ecocide in Ukraine, use their media and social media resources to raise awareness of it, and support the victims. This campaign features open petitions you can sign addressed to 77 people and organisations, including:

  • big environmental funds like Greenpeace, WWF, and Extinction Rebellion;

  • the UK Parliament and the USA White House;

  • officials of different levels with a history of environmental advocacy.

The "Write your own letter" page will guide you through addressing your local representatives, environmental organisations and everyone who's anyone. We have provided you with customisable building blocks, including expert quotes and other sources, to write your own message.

Depending on where you are in the world, you may have slightly different courses of action available

We currently have region-specific petitions ready for the UK and the US — in addition, of course, to options relevant globally. If you would like to help us create a petition unique to your region and/or translate some of our materials into other languages, please contact us at and put "Localisation" in the email subject.

For British residents (regardless of your citizenship) and British citizens anywhere in the world.

For American citizens and residents.

Wherever you are in the world, you can help.

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