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What can I do as a British citizen or UK resident?

1) Sign and share our global petition on

It calls environmentalists to make statements on the ecocide and use their ample media and social media resources to raise awareness of it and redirect attention to the victims. It follows the call to action with a detailed overview of the environmental consequences of the Kakhovka Dam explosion with links to 20 sources. A copy of the petition and a list of signatures (regularly updated and sent with follow-ups) will be sent to 77 addressees around the world: major environmental organisations like Greenpeace, WWF, Extinction Rebellion or Climate Committee, officials with a known environmental agenda or a role on an environmental committee, and more.

2) Sign and share our petition to the Parliament.

It has been filed and is currently being approved by the Parliament's Petition Committee. Sign up to be notified when it is available to sign (we won't use you email for anything else):



We are asking the Parliament to make a statement on the ecocide, to commission an expert investigation of the Kakhovka Dam explosion and its environmental consequences, to debate options for a response to this specific war crime as an exceptional and particularly heinous act against nature and humanity, and to pursue further action in support of Ukraine. It draws on previous debates in Parliament on environmental diplomacy and facts of the UK's foreign policy to highlight that the set of actions we suggest is fully in line with the current official position of the Parliament and the UK Government.

3) Write to your MP and other MPs who may have a relevant agenda.

Contacting your own MP is always a great first step: you are one of their constituents, and they represent your interests in Parliament. You can then choose other MPs to contact, for example, by using these lists of All-Party Parliamentary Groups that focus on Ukraine and environment respectively. Use our building blocks to write your own appeal: they have ready formulas for you to use and customise to make this process a little simpler. We have compiled a list of sources you may wish to quote.

4) Write to your local Greenpeace/WWF/Extinction Rebellion office, the national and global offices of environmental funds and charities, to media projects concerned with the environment, to university societies, to that one expert on climate change, to everyone who's anyone. Use our building blocks and sources or write something from scratch. Keep talking about this and keep encouraging the rest of the world to speak up. And if you would like to tell us about your work, don't hesitate to write to us at

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