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Write your own letter

Signatures under petitions are powerful. But even more so are endless individual letters, emails and appeals. Here are some building blocks to hopefully help you draft your own.

It helps if you know of a specific person you can contact, like the organisation leader.

Dear <name>,

Dear <organisation> team,

You may want to specify that you are addressing a representative as their constituent, or someone as an activist, a representative of a group or just a concerned citizen.

My name is <name>, and I am addressing you as <custom role>. 

Maybe they have spoken up in support of Ukraine, maybe they haven't but are in a position to do so, maybe you know about them because of a specific thing they did.

We are calling to you because

of your history of environmental activism


<custom reason>.

List a summary of your demands at the beginning and expand later. Choose the relevant ones from our list or add your own.

We are calling on you to <make a public statement condemning the ecocide>, <redistribute media and social media resources in a way that raises awareness of the ecocide and redirects help to the victims>, <investigate the ecocide> in response to the explosion of the Kakhovka Dam in Ukraine.

Open with a brief summary of the facts. We used this phrasing, but you can change it up. You may want to list different aspects of the ecocide.

This is also a good place to add something about why the organisation or person you are addressing specifically should have done more. You may be able to find inspiration in "About us" sections and organisation constitutions, where they might pledge to do many wonderful things.

In the early hours on Tuesday June 6, the dam of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant in Ukraine was blown up by Russian troops. The dam was holding a total volume of 18,200 million cubic metres of water in a reservoir that is part of the Dnipro river system. That water is now rushing downstream, depleting the Dnipro, drowning whole ecosystems, bringing with it hundreds of tons of oil from the destroyed hydroelectric plant, dislodging land mines, washing up human bodies from cemeteries, and more. Ukraine may see another desert appearing in the next few years. This is an environmental catastrophe of unimaginable proportions that will have devastating consequences for decades. And yet the response from environmental fund, activists and officials outside of Eastern Europe has ranged from non-existent to, in very rare cases, nominally present but profoundly inadequate. <customise: say what your specific addressee has done, if anything>

Offer an overview of the facts here. You can focus on a specific aspect of the ecocide, like the farmland devastation, wildlife at risk, or pollution, if that is your addressee's primary agenda. Or you can do what we are doing in our big petitions and offer an overview of every major environmental aspect of the catastrophe.

You may wish to use some of the quotes and statistics we have in our sources section.

The importance of an urgent response from environmentalists is hard to overestimate. The Kakhovka Dam explosion is a heinous crime against humanity and nature. We need you to speak up and use your resources to support the victims.

We are asking you to <long version of your demands>

You may want to add a sentence highlighting the urgency of the matter and perhaps requesting a response within a certain timeframe.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and reading your statement on the matter.


Kind regards,

<list of signatories>

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